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Maximizing results through smart strategies, innovative concepts, team alignment & optimization of resources
Customer Acquisition

Growth Strategy, Target Markets, Segmentation, Resource allocation to maximize ROI, Creation and execution of customer/lead acquisition plans

Customer Development

Customer relationship management, Loyalty marketing, Customer experience design, Upsell and cross-sell strategies, Lead nurturing, Referral programs

Digital Marketing

Website, User Experience, Digital media, Email marketing, Mobile marketing, Social media, Search (SEO and SEM), Cross-platform digital integration

Message Strategy

Brand positioning, Product attribute optimization, Advertising strategy, Creative briefs, Events/promotions, Content marketing plans

Channel Strategy

Touch point architecture, Media planning, Media buying, Email/social media execution, Frequency / cadence strategy for cross-channel marketing communications

Marketing Automation

Determine needs and deploy marketing automation software including Email/ESP providers, Sales/prospect databases, Inbound marketing software

Metrics & Tracking

Establishing benchmarks and goals, Analytics, Primary marketing research, Marketing dashboards

Interim Marketing Executive

Fulfill interim Chief Marketing Officer/VP Marketing roles while your business scales. For those times when you need to hire “half a person”.

Senior Marketing Advisor

Coaching start-up teams for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. Oversight and guidance to ensure portfolio companies are optimized to achieve your aggressive growth expectations.