Growth Hacker versus Full Stack Marketer: What’s the difference?

Two of the biggest buzz terms for marketing talent at growing companies are “growth hacking” and “full stack marketing.” Many people use these terms interchangeably, but there are some key differences.

Anyone who identifies with either of these terms is probably an agile, data-oriented, digital marketer who is able to execute quickly and responsively to the rapidly changing environment of a growth company, however, their styles and skills will be different.

Based on my investigative conversations with founders, marketers, recruiters and investors, here is a breakdown of the differences.

Growth Hacker Versus Full Stack Marketer

So which style of marketer should you hire? A growth hacker or a full stack marketer?

That depends what point you are in your company’s development. Are you trying to get discovered or do you have a growth target to hit? Are you a pre-revenue startup or are you a series B funded venture? Which is more important to you: exposure or sales? Do you have a marketing budget that needs optimization? Will this be the only marketer at your company or do you expect this person to build out a team?