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What Matters Now: Voice Shopping

A new shopping trend that can’t be Ignored Voice shopping is a rapidly growing new trend in which people use smart speakers and AI devices such as Amazon’s Alexa to order products over the internet. According to a study done by OC&C Strategy Consultants, In 2017, voice shopping only accounted for   worth of U.S.


Do You Suffer From Bad Data?

According to, bad data costs marketing and sales departments about $32,000 and 550 hours per sales rep. This translates to an incredible amount of wasted time and money across a company due to bad data. What is bad data? Bad data is any data that is inaccurate, outdated, irrelevant, statistically insignificant, or just plain


Women’s Sports Presents Under Tapped Marketing Opportunities

Sports advertising and sponsorship is a huge business. It’s estimated that the 2016 Olympics generated $9.3 billion in marketing revenues. Lebron James made $54 million of his total $77 million dollars in income in 2015 through endorsements. Levi Jeans paid $220 million dollars for the twenty year naming rights for Levi Stadium in Santa Clara,


What Matters Now: The Sharing Economy

The disruptive change of the sharing economy is both a threat and an opportunity. How will you respond? According to Pew Research, 72% of American adults have used a shared or on-demand online service. Of these individuals, 50% have purchased second-hand goods, while 20% have used a ride sharing service, and 11% have used a


5 Marketing Metrics That Predict Future Corporate Value

The purpose of marketing is to grow your business and improve future corporate value. However, many marketing executives report to other company stakeholders in soft metrics (such as impressions or engagements) that don’t seem aligned with company business metrics. It’s true that soft metrics can be worthy leading indicators to examine, but they should be


What Matters Now: The Internet of Things

According to some reports, 51% of the world’s leading marketing experts predict that the Internet of Things will revolutionize marketing by 2020. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the system of devices, machines, and other equipment that can independently transfer information to the Internet without requiring any human interaction. Thermostats, security systems, health monitoring devices,


Growth Hacker versus Full Stack Marketer: What’s the difference?

Two of the biggest buzz terms for marketing talent at growing companies are “growth hacking” and “full stack marketing.” Many people use these terms interchangeably, but there are some key differences. Anyone who identifies with either of these terms is probably an agile, data-oriented, digital marketer who is able to execute quickly and responsively to


Marketing Emergency: Is your company’s life in jeopardy?

In marketing, it seems we must frequently deal with fire drills and “marketing emergencies.” Although those of us in the industry like to remind each other that we are not emergency room doctors, with human life or death hanging in the balance, it is true that a marketing stumble CAN bring about the death of


Experienced Full Stack Marketers and other Unicorns

There is a belief that there is no such thing as an experienced senior full stack marketer. This is false myth. They just don’t “look” how you think they’ll look. First, what do we mean by the term full stack marketer? This means a person who has strong skills across the entire marketing ecosphere. They can “check


Know Who You’re Talking To: Audience Profile Comparison

When planning for your next fiscal year or campaign, are you shifting more dollars into digital media? If so, is your media team searching out sites/blogs/networks where your target audience is convening online OR are you replicating your print buy to online? Depending on your goals/objectives, either strategy could work for you. But, before you


Where does all the time go? A Quick View for Marketers

“Where does all the time go?” It’s a common lament these days –perhaps even more commonly heard from time-starved Marketing VPs. But this turns out to be one of those rhetorical questions for which a non-rhetorical answer is available. The federal government’s American Time Use Survey takes a detailed look at how U.S. residents ages 15 and


How effective is a “Made in America” pitch?

If American consumers are going to be receptive to a “Made in America” sales pitch, now is likely the time for it as we’ve moved into the patriotic part of the calendar: Memorial Day and Flag Day just passed by and we’re headed into the Fourth of July weekend. But do Americans regard themselves as highly patriotic? The answer


Should Marketers be concerned about Consumer Happiness?

Here’s a thought that could make marketers miserable: Maybe discretionary spending does not make consumers happy. Ignoring economists’ declaration that the recession officially ended two years ago, Americans have continued to keep their discretionary spending — i.e., the fun kind of spending — in check. A new Harris Poll (fielded in May) found 61 percent


Home Improvement Trends: Home, $weet Home

By the time the real estate bubble burst, home improvement had become the national pastime. (Sorry, baseball). People could have the pleasure of spending tons of money while feeling, plausibly, that they were investing in an asset whose value was actually increasing. With the housing market still erratic at best, polls indicate that home improvement


How does Osama Bin Laden compare to the Average US Boomer?

However else they feel about Osama bin Laden’s demise, Americans who shun today’s always-connected culture might have experienced a twinge of anxiety upon learning about the circumstances leading up to the raid. News reports have indicated that the absence of any Internet or phone service at his walled compound was a significant factor in leading


Can the Royal Wedding drive instant pudding and cruise line sales?

Amid a torrent of attention (whether “official” or otherwise) to Britain’s latest royal wedding, this is a propitious time for companies whose names include the word “Royal.” Ranging from cruise lines to desserts, they can bask in the reflected glow of high-wattage media coverage of the royal royals. It might be a little late, though,


Heart Attack on a Plate is the New Normal

Do a Google search for “breakfast + ‘heart attack on a plate’ ” and you get more than half a million hits (including one for this stock photo, suitable for framing above your kitchen table). That’s a tipoff to breakfast’s reputation as the fattiest, saltiest and otherwise most lethal meal of the day. But are


How Will Consumers Spend their Tax Refund Windfall?

April may well be the cruelest month for Americans who find themselves writing fat checks to the Internal Revenue Service. But marketers should bear in mind that those unfortunates are more the exception than the rule. As the National Endowment for Financial Education notes, the IRS doled out refunds last year to 77 percent of


Should Athletic Brands Rethink NFL Endorsements?

It’s hard to imagine American life without pro football. It’s even hard to imagine American life without countless commercials — including some pretty odd ones — populated by National Football League players. (On a Sunday afternoon in the fall, it often seems like half the commercials on TV have Peyton Manning in them.) Even Michael


Latest Research in Vacation Trends

As winter-weary consumers gaze longingly toward this year’s vacation season, what sort of jaunts do they have in mind? An Ipsos [email protected] survey, released this week, finds respondents most apt to be in the mood for “relaxing and seeing some of the sights.” Thirty-eight percent of U.S. respondents made this choice. The runner-up was “outdoor


What Matters Now: Hyperlocal Marketing

Last week I was eating at a local brunch spot in my neighborhood and decided to “Check-In” via Foursquare.  ( is one of the new location-based social networking sites where users ping their network with their physical location, such as a restaurant, shop, park, or even a more specific location like a statue in a park.) When I checked in,


What Matters Now: Mobile goes mainstream

Nielsen’s latest report on mobile trends predicts smart phones overtaking regular mobile phones by the end of next year.  The report is not surprising given predictions from Gartner, IDC, Admob, and a slew of other media and research companies earlier this year. When the reports talk about rapid adoption, they’re not talking about just young tech